About us

Feed.Move.Live. was born from a conscious effort to connect our Lifestyle with our training and wellbeing via an honest and supportive fitness hub. Our mission is to open the doors on health, fitness and wellbeing ensuring that every person has equal opportunity to access the help, direction and motivation they need to enjoy their life to its full potential. Supported by an inviting community and manned by well informed and invested coaches and staff.


Our Message is simple Feed.Move.Live! Feed your mind, nourish your body and fulfil your soul. Move into the body you need to live the life you want. Live your best life, sew the right seed and grow into the lifestyle you envisioned. FML will be there to help you on your unique journey, providing services and signposting others that reflect your needs.


We have worked hard on our service offerings to ensure they confidently deliver consistent results for every individual. Our no ego science backed approached ensures we can provide effective and proven strategies without the bravado. We are sure you wont find a more genuine or friendlier place to achieve your personal goals.