Cancellation Policy


We at Feed.MOVE.Live are aware that circumstances can change, and at some point you will need to cancel your membership. We aim to keep our cancelations process simple to ensure you can cancel your membership with ease. However, as we continually aim to improve our services, we do like to ask a few questions at the time of notice.

The Process

  1. Notify us one month in advance of your departure, using the cancelations form (add link) We would really appreciate it if you answered all questions honestly, as we cannot make positive changes without this.
  2. A prorated invoice will then be sent to you, which will outline the balance up to the end of your membership period.
  3. Join us on your last day for a session, a slice of cake and a warm send off.

Keep in touch

We love to stay in touch with our members. If you are staying in the area or moving away and would like to stay in touch; follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or sign up to our newsletter and keep up to date what were doing next. Alternatively, pop in for a coffee and cake whenever you like, we’d love to see you again.