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One Plan 

£29/4 weekly commitment

This membership provides access to all of our facilities including free accessible car parking and shower/changing facilities. Discounted coach led sessions and classes. The one plan aims to offer members a simplified yet quality experience when it comes to training.


·         Access to functional Fitness Area

·         Access to Accessory Area

·         Discounted Coach lead sessions 

* CURRENTLY NO JOIN UP FEE with £30 worth of Class credit!


Special Tariffs 

If you are…

If you are any of the following please contact us with regards to membership.

  • Emergency Services 
  • Armed Forces 
  • 60 Years +
  • Student 

Focus Groups  

one plan add – ons 

The focus group options are added extras to the one plan membership. These extras enable access to our specific small group classes that focus on particular areas of fitness or skill. For example, those that wish to get better at olympic lifting may wish to join a focus group to improve their lifting technique. The focus groups are available in the following quantities;

  • 1 Focus Group Sessions Per Week – £30 Per Month 
  • 2 Focus Group Sessions Per Week – £55 Per Month 

Online Programming   

Train anywhere, Any time 

In addition to our gym memberships we provide an extensive range of online programming that specifically caters for different needs and training styles. We have programmes for those that wish to;

  • Build Strength 
  • Improve Cardio  
  • Burn Fat 
  • Rehabilitate 
  • Start Their Fitness Journey 

Check out our online programmes via the link below.


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